The multipurpose modular system of the robotic vehicle is designed for measuring, cleaning and handling in inaccessible and dangerous areas. There is the option of further development of the system in accordance with the client’s needs and requirements.


Less means more sometimes – as our smallest platform, the Lizard stands out specifically thanks to its small size. Confined spaces which are difficult to access represent the ideal challenge for the Lizard! At the same time, the Lizard may also be used in an open terrain which is difficult to pass. Spaces which people do not dare to enter due to concerns for their safety shall be conquered by the Lizard. Thanks to its robust construction, it is able to access even areas adverse to mankind. This vehicle offers fast and reliable movements as its fundamental capacities. The operator shall not miss a single detail, since this robot already in its basic configuration is enabled with an inclinable video camera with a very high resolution. The video camera is accompanied by two strong headlights which provide both creation of recordings/pictures in high resolution and illumination at the same time and safe operation of the device from a remote location.

The speed and strength are the major assets of the robot. The device was designed to perform tasks under difficult and demanding conditions, and it shall thus be always available for the operator.

Thanks to its own computer, the robot itself is the smart device at the “scene of the crime”. The operator may navigate the robot or schedule tasks for the robot.

The incredible penetrability of the robot is based on keeping a good tract during its movement. The track wheels were designed with special attention. The material and width were chosen with respect to diverse features of various surfaces.

The integration with other systems is essential for our platforms. The robots may be enhanced by various adaptations. Everything is prepared for connections to the client’s applications – from the mounting slot/hole, power supply type, program and software interface, to system resources and the user disk space.

Technical parameters of the vehicle

Size: 220×120×60 mm
Weight: 2500 g
Material: aluminium alloy
Water resistance: IP62
Speed: 1 m/s
Module support: yes
Client’s module support: yes
Data interface: USB, SPI
Power output: 3/5 W
Computer: CPU (4 cores), 8 GB RAM


Our modular system is based on the connection of already developed modules and development of special modules according to the needs of the client. Our vehicles are not single-purpose, and they can be modified by adding modules.


The measuring of acceleration, inclination and orientation by using the accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer.


The scissors module or the W module is designed for gripping and handling objects.


The module for robotic cleaning by using a rotary brush.


The module for robotic cleaning by using a pressure jet cleaning.

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