We are a Czech technology company which develops its own robotic and automatization platforms. We provide our customers with services in the field of inspections, exploration, data collection and technical operations by using our robotic platforms.

Our vision

Our company name of P&O Robotics is based on the names of its founders whose experience and know-how is the best guarantee for the quality of our products. Ever since our shared years of engineering studies, we have always been engrossed in the latest technology, yearning to move our society each time at least a little bit up and forward. Being a company based in Pilsen, our technological foundation is very strong. Ever since the times of Emil Škoda and František Křižík, Pilsen benefited from being in the lead of technological progress. We continue in this tradition in the fields of robotics, automatization and artificial intelligence.

Our origin

The idea of creating robots as the center of our work first emerged during our engineering studies. We entered this field immediately after obtaining our engineering degree, working as employees of large technological corporations. This type of companies accumulates a huge amount of know-how and experts, providing a strong foundation, but they often prove to be inflexible and decelerate their processes by a lot of bureaucracy as well.

Our experience with the corporate system led to our desire to do things a bit differently. We started as technological enthusiasts and put a lot of effort in the development itself, given the fact that there was not a very wide range of technical means back then. This is one of our advantages now, since we were always putting emphasis on thoroughness and high quality, which is what we are offering now. We invested a lot of work and sleepless nights into uncovering dead ends and inefficient paths of our progress and development. As a result, we successfully acquired irreplaceable and priceless experience, and defined our purpose and work procedures. Over the years, we created and programmed robotic platforms which we can now rent out or sell.

Together, we have created a solid foundation to establish our own company governed by the principle of modern processes. Our goal is to use the fruits our work to benefit our customers. We focus on using the latest available technology and supporting means of development. We also pay attention to the comfort of our customers who/which shall receive services which are comprehensible, free of unnecessary bureaucracy and still professionally performed at the same time.

The team of P&O Robotics

We provide high quality and apply modern technology in our business. We combine our passion for technology with a meticulous approach to solving your problems.

Karel Odvárka


Michal Pöschl